TCMS - Solar Solutions

We have extensive experience in the design, installation & maintenance of solar PV systems across a wide range of sectors. Additionally, we have utilised this expertise to facilitate the delivery of a comprehensive operations & maintenance service & the provision of battery storage solutions.


Installation (Domestic & Commercial)

Installing a Solar PV system will not only reduce your carbon footprint but can also reduce your
energy bills by a significant amount now and in the future.

With increasing energy bills an inevitability for home owners and business owners alike, a solar
electric system is a great investment whether it’s for your home, small business or farm-scale solar
power station. TCS Limited possess the installation experience required to ensure the install process
is professionally managed, from design through to commissioning.

Operations & Maintenance Services

TCS Limited operate a full Operation and Maintenance service for all their PV systems, as well as being able to offer these services for installations carried out by another installer. Ongoing solar system care and attention is vital to deliver the optimal performance and maximum energy production, as well as protecting investment parameters.
Our Operations and Maintenance service utilises real time data capture to ensure that all faults are quickly identified and resolved, therefore maximising return on investment.

Battery Storage – Commercial & Domestic Solutions:

Battery storage for solar electricity - Solar energy day and night
Solar PV panels generate electricity during daylight hours. Until recently this meant relying on
electricity from the grid after dark. Solar PV battery storage systems facilitate the capture of energy
generated by solar panels, enabling it to be stored it and used when energy consumption peaks. This
provides significant benefits for the energy consumption of both commercial & domestic buildings.
TCS Limited can design & install domestic & commercial battery storage solutions that maximise PV
system consumption while reducing dependence on traditional power providers.